Vinyl Fencing

At Frontline Fencing Ltd., we design and build custom vinyl fencing. With innovative features and a variety of styles and colours, our fences are the sturdiest in the industry. Our premium vinyl fencing is completely customizable to get you a personalized experience. With Frontline Fencing, you will get a top-quality fence you can enjoy for years to come.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is one of the most popular types fencing in the industry. For residential properties, vinyl fencing provides a beautiful, crisp appearance similar to wood, but requires much less maintenance. Depending on your desired use and style preferences, vinyl fencing retains its functionality and aesthetic for many years and won’t undergo drastic changes overtime. Resistant to harmful UV rays, wear and tear, and extreme weather, your custom vinyl fencing will be built to last.

Vinyl fencing is a classic way to complement existing structures and buildings. An incredibly versatile material, you can choose a bright white vinyl fence for that clean, picket fence look. Or if you prefer a more dramatic, elegant effect, dark vinyl fencing can be ordered and installed by request.

Whether you want to accent a beautiful garden, increase the security of your property, or create a safe space for your kids to run and play, vinyl fencing can be adapted to meet your needs. A taller vinyl fence will offer peak privacy, while a low design combines charm with functionality. Custom designed and expertly installed, we can build you a vinyl fence you’ll be proud to display in your yard.

The Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

Beauty. Vinyl fencing offers classic charm and timeless beauty. While having the appearance of wood but providing a worry-free performance, vinyl fencing retains its pristine appearance for many years.

Variety. When it comes to vinyl fencing, you’ve got options. This material comes in a wide variety of styles and colours to match the aesthetic of any home. From a bright white picket fence to an elegantly stained dark privacy fence, choose from several styles, colours, and finishes to make your custom fence come to life.

Low Maintenance. Compared to traditional wood styles, vinyl fencing does not require painting, sealing, or staining throughout its lifetime. Therefore, annual refinishing and upkeep is not necessary with vinyl fencing. The material is scratch, rust, and pest resistant, and will not rot or expand in changing climates. Low maintenance and durable, vinyl fencing is extremely long lasting with minimal upkeep.

Private and Secure. If you desire more privacy on your property, vinyl fencing may just be for you. Available in a variety of heights and styles, you can fully customize your level of privacy and security. From a completely solid fence offering full privacy to a fence featuring lattice or picket tops for semi-privacy, get beautiful, effective results that meet your security needs.

Strong and Flexible. Stronger than wood, vinyl fencing offers incredible performance against harsh climates and torrential rain. Additionally, its flexible nature gives it the ability to withstand strong winds.

Great Value. Overall, vinyl fencing offers great value. Not only does it enhance the appearance and value of your property, but its low maintenance nature, long lifetime, and incredible performance ensures you get the best for your investment. Not only do you get the benefits of functionality and aesthetic, but the peace of mind knowing the costs of your vinyl fencing was money well spent.