Retaining Walls

Built for both aesthetic and necessity, retaining walls deserve as much attention as any other external structure. A prominent feature, retaining walls are a great way to define a space, surround a patio, or enhance a water feature. Whether built for functionality or aesthetic appeal, retaining walls suit many purposes. At Frontline Fencing, we believe all structures on your property should be built with both beauty and purpose in mind. So, whether you want to create a vertical garden to save space or need to hold back water or earth in a given area, we have the creative solutions you need.

Options for Retaining Walls

There is a wide variety of materials and styles to choose from when constructing a retaining wall. Do you want a multi-level terrace, edging for your flower bed, or stairs for a vertical garden? Does the architecture of your property better suit a natural, organic look or a more modern, bold aesthetic? While materials such as cedar and stone can create natural, organic beauty, engineered materials such as vinyl, concrete, and segmental wall stones can add sharp lines and modern appeal.

Depending on the function and appearance you are going for, certain choices will be better suited to your needs. Here are some of the popular materials and styles for retaining walls in Vancouver, BC:

  • Abbotsford Stack Wall
  • Allan Block
  • Architextures
  • Basalt
  • Cypress Stone
  • Cedar
  • Concrete
  • Garden Edging
  • Garden Wallscapes
  • Mini Beltis
  • Mutual’s Stack Stone
  • Roman Cypress Stone
  • Roman Stack Stone
  • Valley Stone
  • Vinyl

The Benefits of Building a Retaining Wall

Enhance Property Value. The addition of a retaining wall can increase overall aesthetic and property value to your residence. It is an affordable and effective way to add versatility to your space while also being practical.

Durable and Low Maintenance. An excellent investment, retaining walls are long lasting with little to no upkeep. The materials chosen for your retaining wall will be optimized for its environment to withstand harsh weather without losing aesthetic nor function. Don’t waste time with repairs and replacements, we will build you a retaining wall that lasts.

Functional. When done properly, a retaining wall can be both attractive and extremely functional. It can hold back a piece of earth or water while also being a statement piece for your yard. A retaining wall can also be built as a makeshift staircase or installed as a space-saving vertical garden.

Protective. Erosion can wash away fertilizer, cause sinkholes, and wreck landscape. However, a retaining wall can reduce the likelihood of erosion occurring on your property, preventing extensive damage and additional costs.