Residential Gates & Automation

At Frontline Fencing Ltd., we offer a wide selection of designs and ideas for driveway gate installation that speaks to the unique needs of our customers and their home's exterior. Crafting & installing both custom aluminum and wood driveway gates, as well as pedestrian gates, we help provide security and access to residential homes and business lots in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Driveway Gate Builders: Wood & Aluminum Custom Fabrications

When choosing a custom design for your gates from Frontline Fencing Ltd., whether it be a pedestrian gate or a driveway gate project, you have three options to choose from: aluminum, wood, or a combination of the two. We specialize in crafting custom designs to meet your exact needs and deliver a look that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and unique to your specifications.

In addition to providing quality gate installation services, we also offer automation for residential homes and businesses - making access easier than ever before. With the press of a button or swipe of an app on your smartphone, you can open and close your gates with ease. We offer tailored solutions by installing a variety of automation systems, from simple swing gate operators to sliding gate operators.

SLEEKFENCE: Sliding Gates, Automation & More

As committed professionals to our customers, we are pleased to offer custom gates for any driveway, powder coating, and automated solutions in sliding gates and swing gates for your SLEEKFENCE residential aluminum fence. With quality, design, and excellence at our forefront, offering driveway solutions for a local premium product option available to homeowners of British Columbia is our pleasure.

We are proud to have officially certified status as a SLEEKFENCE Residential Aluminum Installer because it provides our customers with the assurance that the highest quality of workmanship, service, and standards are peer-reviewed, with a high regard for eminence, to install their black aluminum fence. With our certified installers on the job, customers can be sure their projects will be completed with remarkable precision and accuracy. If you are looking for automated driveway gates to match this product, or a reputable installer for their aluminum fence panels, you've come to the right place!

The Benefits of Automatic Driveway Gates

Functionality. Driveway gates offer a functional and efficient solution for your property boundaries. Whether you are looking to protect your loved ones from busy streets, or simply keep drivers from parking or turning around in your driveway - a driveway gate will provide all of that and more!

Variety. An array of selections is available when it comes to driveway gates. We thoroughly enjoy creating personalized gates that are suitable for any type of home and driveway dimension. Our gates are available in various types such as security gates, privacy gates, sliding gates, or even a manual driveway gate. Our gates can help optimize your yard and are especially useful when there is limited space.

Low Maintenance. Our driveway gates are mostly made from aluminum and then powder coated for minimal maintenance and upkeep. This will allow you to enjoy your driveway gate for years to come without having to worry about repairs or retouching flaking paint!

Security and Privacy. If you're searching for security in a busy or rural area, driveway gates are the perfect solution. A sturdy driveway gate can provide privacy and prevent nosy neighbors, or unwanted guests, from peering into your yard. You can rest comfortably knowing your home is not easily visible to anyone passing by, and your belongings are safely stored behind closed doors.

Durable. Whether you're dealing with valley winds, enjoying some backyard family fun, or facing other harsh weather conditions in BC, there are driveway gate options available that are strong enough to handle the job.

Value and Curb Appeal. Overall, driveway gates offer convenience, security, and value all in one package. They also help boost the curb appeal of your home by providing an attractive and stylish look to your entrance. With a nice gate, you can completely change up the atmosphere of your property - making it stand out from the rest!

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