Cedar Fencing

Cedar fencing has a beautiful, natural effect to enhance your yard. At Frontline Fencing Ltd., we have acquired years of experience building and installing custom cedar fences for residential properties. With the highest quality lumber and fine craftsmanship, we can supply the best quality cedar fences throughout Greater Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, and all BC communities. From posts and pickets to horizontal railing attachments and more, the possibilities are limitless. Let us build you the fence of your dreams to grace your home for many years to come.

Cedar Fencing

Cedar fencing offers a natural, high-end look to your property. When you choose a cedar fence, the investment you put into it is well worth it. It requires minimal maintenance but has an astounding lifespan, enhancing the look and value of your home instantly. The strongest variety of wood, cedar outlasts all other wood types. With the ability to withstand severe weather conditions, its appearance and functionality will not be compromised. Durable and visually stunning, our team would love to construct a completely custom design for your cedar fencing.

The Benefits of Cedar Fencing

Durable. Compared to other wood types, cedar is one of the most durable, weather-proof wood varieties available. It is revered for its ability to retain its shape and appearance amid harsh weather conditions. Come rain or shine, your cedar fencing can withstand it all. Cedar also has the ability to adjust its moisture content to match its environment, making it perfect for our humid west coast climate. Due to the natural oils found within the fibres, cedar wood is less likely to warp in wet weather. Naturally strong and resistant, you can rely on the long lifetime your premium cedar fencing will provide.

Aesthetic. Cedar fencing can greatly enhance the appearance of your home. Known to be pleasing to the eye, it provides a natural aesthetic that engineered fences cannot provide. A great way to enhance the look and feel of your property, you will be proud to chat with your neighbours across your custom cedar fence.

Privacy and Security. If you are looking to maximize privacy, a solid cedar fence is unmatched. The lumber can be constructed in a tight, solid formation without holes or gapes to block eyes and sound. Completely customizable, you can pick the style, height, and shape you want. Giving you full control over your level of privacy and security.

Temperature Control. Cedar fences have the capacity to moderate the temperature of surrounding areas. How? The wood holds natural air pockets that act as insulation. In turn, this results in cooler summers and warmer winters, giving you peak performance and comfort year-round.