Design the life you want with a little help from our landscaping experts. At Frontline Fencing Ltd., we offer premium hardscape solutions to give your property an elegant, timeless aesthetic. With a combination of creativity and craftsmanship, we can increase both the value and functionality of your property. Whether you are looking to increase privacy, direct foot traffic off the grass, or just add a bit of beauty to your outdoors, our hardscaping services can be customized to meet your desires and needs.

What is Hardscape?

With a delicate balance of hardscape and softscape, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful piece of landscaping. While softscape refers to shrubs, flowers, grass, and most of the greenery on your property, hardscape includes the solid elements that will last for years. Any hard materials and structures used in your landscaping is considered hardscape. These man-made, carefully constructed installations add function, aesthetic, and intrigue. Structures such as walkways, fences, patios, water features, and driveways, are considered hardscape and are specialties of Frontline Fencing Ltd. With quality materials and visionary design, your yard will not only be durable physically, but will make a lasting impression on all who experience it.

Some Hardscape Favourites

Walkways. Simply put, a walkway is a path you walk on. While the definition is simple, the construction requires a lot more thought. Since a walkway is exposed to the elements, the environment needs to be considered when choosing optimal placement and materials. Additionally, the heavy foot traffic means you’ll want your walkway to be safe and durable. Depending on your needs, walkways can be built with stones, paves, or woodchips.

Water Features. There is nothing more transcendent, charming, and enchanting as a custom water feature. Whether it be a waterfall, pond, or stream connecting the two, a water feature instantly enhances its surroundings, bringing beauty in a way that plays with the senses. From sight and smell to touch and sound, water features are a timeless choice.

Patios. Do you like to entertain? Maybe you just prefer to relax outdoors, but in a comfortable, optimized way? Perfect for gatherings and getaways alike, a patio can transform the functionality of a space. A flat, paved area built outside the home, patios can be constructed from a wide range of materials to suit various aesthetics, needs, and environments.

Driveways. Driveways can serve a multitude of purposes. Most commonly, they act as park and drop-off zones. However, they can also function as a place for kids to play, sports to be won, and art to be made. Depending on how many vehicles you have, you may require more or less space. If you want more privacy, a long lead-in into the front entrance of your home can provide this. Customizable to suit your needs, driveways can combine function and aesthetic when built with intention.